Philosophy and Structure of Koç University Curriculum
Koç University is aware that each student’s education is an individual process and has adopted a liberal education philosophy. According to the definition of the Association of American Colleges & Universities, the “approach to learning process of liberal education empowers individuals and prepares them to manage complexity, diversity and change.” It provides students with a broad knowledge of the world (eg science, culture, and society), as well as in-depth knowledge of a particular area of ​​interest (1). ” Liberal education thus enables students to view the world from different perspectives.

The Koç University curriculum consists of three components: core courses, area courses and general elective courses. While the area courses provide the student with in-depth information about the field; the general elective courses give students the opportunity to adapt their curriculum to their individual needs, abilities, interests and future plans. Although their number varies from department to department, free elective courses constitute an important part of the curriculum and have a very important place in terms of our educational philosophy. These courses can be taken to focus on a specific field or to gain a broad perspective on student’s area of study.



1. For detailed information on liberal education, you can visit the official web page of the Association of American Colleges & Universities: