Program Overview

The Department of Psychology aims at producing theoretical and applied research, scholarship, and teaching at a quality that meets and even exceeds the national and international academic standards and at addressing issues that are relevant to national and human development. The Department seeks active participation of the students in such research projects, to help them gain first-hand experience in conducting research and to familiarize them with issues that are of concern to human development.

The department expects the students to gain knowledge in almost all fields of psychology and to be aware of different approaches to psychology. The interests of the faculty include a wide range of areas such as cognitive, social, cross-cultural, organizational, developmental psychology, and psychology of language. Students get a chance to actively participate in national and international research projects that are conducted by our faculty. The department also regularly invites leading national and international scholars in psychology to introduce students to the field at large.

Qualification Awarded

Master of Arts with Thesis in Psychology

Admission Requirements

Statement of Purpose 

Required for all applicants. It should not exceed 2,000 words focusing on the following questions:

  • Why do you apply to Koç University?
  • Why do you apply to the particular program?
  • What are your career objectives?
  • For applicants of PhD programs what are your research interests and who do you want to work with?



  • You must have a 2,5 GPA for application for MA Applications.

We strongly encourage applicants to submit a scanned image of the transcript at the time of application, which can speed processing; however, a final, official transcript will be required of all admitted students during registration. Applicants who have attended international institutions must submit transcripts or certified attestations of study, with certified English translations. Once translated, the original transcript and the certified translations are to be sent to the Graduate School admission office.


  • Letters of Recommendation 

The Graduate School requires two letters of recommendation for MA applications and three for PhD applications. These should be by persons well qualified to speak from first-hand knowledge about the applicant’s potential for graduate study. Letters of recommendation must be submitted online*.

* recommendation letters from faculty members is not necessary for candidates applying to graduate programs in Psychology if they are the graduates of Koc University Psychology undergraduate program.



Applicants to MA and PhD programs must have their results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE-for foreign applicants) or ALES (Akademik Lisansüstü Eğitim Sınavı-for native applicants) General Test sent to the Graduate School. You need to also upload available scores during online application. You will be able to leave these spaces empty if your scores are not available at the time of application. We do accept applications without ALES and/or TOEFL scores. You must submit these scores as soon as they are announced.


  • ALES Score

Equal Weight: 55

*Due to Turkish Higher Education (YÖK) regulations, one can not apply with an ALES score lower that 55 for MAApplications


  • GRE Score

Quantitative: 610/149



All native applicants and international applicants whose native language is not English must ensure that the Graduate School receives their official score from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).


Language Proficiency Information/Minimum Scores 

TOEFL (IBT): 80/120

YDS: 80


– Successful performance in a written exam.

Shortlisted MA/Ph.D. applicants are invited to take a Science Exam which aims to test science literacy thus candidates must demonstrate ability to  understand an empirical research article and critically evaluate it.  Ph.D. applicants are additionally expected to compose a written reflection to the research article.


Exchange Opportunities

The number of exchange program partners has increased rapidly over the years and the number of partner institutions has exceeded 100.

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Examinations Letter Grade Number Grade Equivalents

A+ 4.00
A 4.00
A- 3.70
B+ 3.30
B 3.00
B- 2.70
C+ 2.30
C 2.00
C- 1.70
D+ 1.30
D 1.00
F 0.00


Graduation Requirements and Curriculum

1st Year – Fall Semester 1st Year – Spring Semester
PSYC 501- Research Methods ı PSYC 502- Research Methods II
Required Area Elective Required Area Elective
Required Area Elective Elective
PSYC 590- Seminar Elective
KOLT 500: TA Workshops ETHR 500 Ethics Course
TEACH 500: TA Assignments TEACH 500: TA Assignments
2nd Year – Fall Semester 2nd Year – Spring Semester
ENGL 500 : English Academic Writing PSYC 595: MA Dissertation
TEACH 500: TA Assignments TEACH 500: TA Assignments
PSYC 595: MA Dissertation