The Certificate in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies offers undergraduate students from different disciplines the opportunity to immerse themselves in various aspects of the Late Antique and Byzantine Worlds (late 3rd c-1453 C.E.), placed in their broader chronological and geographical framework. Integrating approaches from different disciplines, including Archaeology, History of Art, Cultural Heritage Management, History, Law and Languages, this certificate prepares students for graduate programs in Byzantine Studies and related fields, such as Archaeology, History of Art, History, Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management. Undergraduate students with a strong academic standing are eligible to apply for admission to this certificate program designed in joint affiliation with the Department of Archaeology and History of Art and the Law Department. Students who complete a total six (6) courses will be awarded the Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Certificate along with the bachelor’s degree upon their graduating from the university provided that they have satisfied the following requirements:

a) Their average grade attained from these six courses is at least 2.70
b) They have taken two (2) courses from the specialized Late Antique and Byzantine ARHA courses listed below
c) They have taken one (1) course from the ARHA courses focusing on related study fields listed below
d) They have taken one (1) course of the LAW courses listed below
e) They have taken two (2) ancient language courses (Greek or Latin) or one (1) ancient and one (1) modern language course of the courses listed below

For students participating in an Erasmus exchange, at most one (1) relevant Erasmus course may be counted toward the certificate program, as long as it has been recognized as such by the relevant committee.
Upon approval by the student’s advisor and the Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Certificate Program committee the student may substitute one of the six courses with an undergraduate honorary thesis.


ARHA 204. Anatolian Archaeology IV (Byzantine)
ARHA 209. Late Antique and Byzantine Civilization (284-1453 AD)
ARHA 318. Late Antique and Byzantine Art
ARHA 407. Constantinople 330-1453
ARHA 454. Selected Topics in Archaeology and the History of Art: Monumental Painting


ARHA 203. Anatolian Archaeology III (Hellenistic and Roman)
ARHA 320/HIST 325. Rome, Roman Cities and Countryside
ARHA 321. Ancient Greece: From City-State to World Empire
ARHA 332. Archaeology of Trade
ARHA 422. The Art and Architecture of the Islamic World
ARHA 437. Europe and the Ottoman Empire: Cultural Encounters through the Centuries
ARHA 475. Art and Archaeology of Seljuk Period
ARHA 452: Ancient Mediterranean Seafaring, 1200 B.C.-A.D. 200


LAW 111 Roman Law
LAW 113 Legal History (with an emphasis on Greco-Roman and Byzantine Law)


GREK 401 Basic Ancient Greek
GREK 402 Intermediate Ancient Greek (requires GREK 401)
LATN 401 Basic Latin
LATN 402 Intermediate Latin (requires LATN 401)
LANG 555 Advanced Reading Seminar in Ancient Greek and/or Latin I (requires GREK 402 or LATN 402)
LANG 556 Advanced Reading Seminar in Ancient Greek and/or Latin II (requires LANG 555)
GREK 201 Basic Modern Greek
ITAL 201 Basic Italian