Students at Koç University are required to adhere to classroom code of conduct and to refrain from all forms of unacceptable behavior during lectures. The activities which are prohibited in class include and are not limited to:

  • Engaging in side conversations.
  • Using cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • All cell phones should be switched off before entering the lecture room. If you expect a very important call, please switch your phone to silent mode and let your professor know in advance that you may receive a call.
  • Using laptops for purposes that are not course-related.
  • Arriving late or leaving early without the prior permission of the instructor.
  • If you have to leave during class for an emergency, please try to minimize the disruption.
  • Reading material, e.g., magazines, newspapers, novels etc., that are not course-related.
  • Working on personal activities or the assignments of other courses.
  • Interrupting the professor or other students.
  • Students should request permission from the instructor before asking questions or making comments.
  • Trashing the classroom.
  • Eating and drinking are allowed as long as impact on others is minimized and students clean up their garbage after class.

Failure to comply with the Classroom Code of Conduct may result in dismissal from class and disciplinary action.