Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

  • This program is affiliated with International Relations, Economics and Philosophy departments.
  • Each student who has taken INTL 101, ECON 100 or ECON 110, PHIL 101 and 3 elective courses (total of 6 courses *) can qualify for a PPE certificate.
  • The GPS gained from above-mentioned courses should be at least 2.70 out of 4.00. Students who fall below this average cannot receive the certificate.
  • Students who complete these courses and qualify for the certificate may receive their certificate together with their diploma at the time of graduation.
  • A student studying in Economics, Philosophy or International Relations programs must take at least one elective course from two departments other than their department.
  • Students from a program other than these three programs must take 3 elective courses from at least two of the Economics, Philosophy or International Relations programs.

 Required Courses:

INTL 101-Introduction to Political Science
PHIL 101- An Introduction to Philosophy and Philosophical Thinking
ECON 100- Principles of Economics or ECON 110, Introduction to Economics and Strategic Behavior

Theory (Elective Courses):

INTL 203- Introduction to International Relations
INTL 204- Introduction to Comparative Politics
PHIL 215- Epistemology
ECON 201- Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 202- Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 333- Game Theory and Strategy

History (Elective Courses)

INTL 308- History of Political Thought
PHIL 213- Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 217- Modern Philosophy

Selected Topics (Elective Courses):

INTL 313- Introduction to Global Political Economy
INTL 325- Gender and Politics
INTL 406- Contemporary Issues in Turkish Politics
INTL 440- Religion, Secularism, and Democracy in the World
INTL 475- Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism
PHIL 216- Ethics
PHIL 330- Applied Ethics
PHIL 401- Political Philosophy
ECON 322-International Finance
ECON 340-Public Finance
ECON 480- The Economics of Institutions
ECON 481- Turkish Economy

* Students need to complete a total of 3 area elective courses in at least 2 of the Theory, History or Selected Topics area electives.
* Students with their first major in Economics, Philosophy or International Relations need to complete 3 area elective courses in the remaining 2 courselists other than their major.