In the 21st century, it is important to develop the skills of research, critical thinking and knowledge acquisition, which are among the required competencies as well as academic success. Koç University Global Learning and Leadership Program is a program that aims gaining personal and professional competencies based on experience, global perspective, which is offered in addition to the academic program at the undergraduate level. In this context, GLLP is provided with the coordination of the Office of International Programs, within the Dean of Student Office, and the academic consultancy of the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, providing learning experiences that contribute to development of the students.
Conditions of the Program Students who are enrolled in any department at Koç University and hold good academic records can apply to this program. In order to complete the GLLP specialization program consisting of 3 levels, students must complete four compulsory and elective courses below; participate
required number of workshops; provide active participation in leadership seminars and offcampus learning activities; develop and implement the idea of a project. It is also necessary to fulfill the requirements for participation in exchange programs, international conferences, trainings and competitions that will benefit the acquisition of international learning experience. The courses listed below may be replaced by equivalent courses approved by the
specialization program advisor. In addition, the prerequisites determined by the department / faculty which offers the course for each course are valid. In order to obtain a specialization certificate, the students must meet all the conditions stated in this paper. The student will be eligible to receive GLLP specialization certificate with the Bachelor’s degree upon graduation from Koç University as a result of fulfilling the requirements of the three different levels (Fellow-Changemaker-Pioneer).

Required Courses

MGMT 210 Changemaking in Action
INTL 365 -Survival and Prosperity in an Interdependent World
ALIS 350 Transition to Professional Life

Elective Courses

MGMT 310 Creating Social Impact Through Collaborative Project Management Experiential Learning
MGMT 360 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT 432 Corporate Responsibility
MGMT 411 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development
ALIS 360 Next Generation Leadership and Transformation
FELS 214 Women, Discrimination and Human Rights
INTL 313 Introduction to Global Political Economy
INTL 380 Comparative Political Economy of Emerging Powers
SOCI 411 International Migration in a Global World
INTL 360 International Organizations and NGOs
PSYC 206 Life – Span Development
SOSC 105 Migration & Globalization
ASIU 118 Design Thinking
MGMT 348 Cross-Cultural Management
MGMT 335 Strategy in a Global Environment
MGMT 351 Organizational Theory
MGMT 350 Management of Diversity in Organizations
INTL 305 Globalization and International Relations
INTL 313 Introduction to Global Political Economy
INTL 325 Gender and Politics
INTL 380 Comparative Political Economy in Emerging Powers
INTL 409 Migration Policies
INTL 435 International Migration in a Global World
INTL 480 Globalization, Multinational Corporations and States

The elective course list may vary if the courses specified in the semester are not offered or new courses are added to the list.

* Attending graduate level courses may be allowed with the approval of the instructor.

Extracurricular activities

• Workshop
• Leadership Seminars
• Off-Campus Learning Activities
• Project Idea Development
• Participation in Project Bazaar
• Acquisition of International Learning Experience (Exchange Programs, International Workshop / Conference / Competition, etc.)
• Coaching (optional)
• KUSIF Mentoring Program
• Program Assistantship (GLLP organization)

GLLP Specialization Program Levels:

• MGMT 210 Changemaking in Action
• INTL365: Survival and Prosperity in an Interdependent World
• 3 GLLP Competency Workshops (mandatory: Mindfulness)
• 3 Leadership Seminars
• 3 Off-campus Ecosystem Events
• 1 Project
• 1 GLLP Retreat
• Project Bazaar

• ALIS 350: Transition to Professional Life or ALIS 360 Next Generation Leadership and Transformation
• 2 GLLP Skills Workshops (mandatory: Deep Democracy)
• 2 Leadership Seminars
• 2 Off-campus Ecosystem Events
• 1 Project
• 1 International Learning Expedition (summer program, semester exchange, internship, international service learning)
• Coaching (optional)
• KUSIF Mentoring Program

• 1 GLLP Elective Course
• 2 GLLP Skills Workshops
• 2 Leadership Sessions
• 1 International Competition
• 1 International Conference Attendance
• 1 Summer Internship
• 1 Campus Event
• Program Management Assistance
• Coaching(optional)