Profile of The Programme

The BA Program in Economics aims to equip its graduates with the fundamental tools and concepts of economic analysis for generating original solutions to new problems and situations that they may face during their future experiences. Our students are envisioned to develop a unique perspective that will allow them to analyze diverse situations as part of their active learning process. The program also aims to prepare students to function as active decision-makers in the highly competitive environment that prevails in the global economy, and to endow them with the ability to function in areas that are not directly related to their main area of expertise.

Qualification Awarded

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Admission Requirements

Candidates can apply via ÖSYM, as an international student, as a transfer student or as a tuition-paying exchange student. Admission requirements for all types of prospective students can be found at the Registrar’s Directorate webpage:

The requirements for incoming exchange students can be found at

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Students who took the equivalents of certain courses offered in Koç University in other institutions can apply to the respective College or Graduate School at Koç University to transfer those courses.

Opportunities for candidates with IB, French Baccaleurate, Matura and Abitur diplomas on webpage (only in Turkish for the moment):

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Koç University exam regulations are given on webpage:

Graduation Requirements

Students need to have a GPA at or above 2.00/4.00 and need to have completed all courses on their curriculum with a passing letter grade in order to graduate.

Occupational Profiles and Access to Further Studies

Economics students who stand out in their coursework are given short-term Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant appointments. Workshops, Seminars and Public Lectures serve as platforms for discussions on the frontiers of research and debates on economic policy. The Economics program seeks to give students the knowledge necessary to pursue a career in business or an advanced study. The graduates get job offers from leading multinational as well as local firms. Many of the graduates of the college continue their studies in distinguished graduate programs in Türkiye and abroad.

Career Development Center, supports all Koç University students and graduates in career Development and Planning, in preparing graduate education plans, and in professional life decisions. For more information about the Career Development Center, please visit


Economics Curriculum

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


  1. Recognize, critically analyze and develop solutions to managerial, economic and political issues in personal and professional environments
  2. Formulate and communicate arguments effectively in oral, written and graphical form
  3. Thrive in diverse, multi-disciplinary teams and take initiative as responsible team members
  4. Maintain a global, socially inclusive and ethical perspective with emphasis on sustainability
  5. Learn fundamental concepts and theories to formulate and implement creative and effective solutions to economic challenges
  6. Use the appropriate research methods and tools to analyze data to assess the validity of economic arguments

Course Relationships with PLOs

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