Profile of The Programme

The department’s goal is to give its students a better understanding of the world and its history and to foster critical thinking and writing by exploring textual and visual materials. Our lectures are supplemented with field trips, screenings of films and distinguished guest lecturers from Türkiye and abroad. Through a diversified approach to understanding the past, we encourage our students to undertake historical studies in a dynamic and vibrant way.

Qualification Awarded

Bachelor of Arts in History

Admission Requirements

Candidates can apply via ÖSYM, as an international student, as a transfer student or as a tuition-paying exchange student. Admission requirements for all types of prospective students can be found at the Registrar’s Directorate webpage:

The requirements for incoming exchange students can be found at

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Students who took the equivalents of certain courses offered in Koç University in other institutions can apply to the respective College or Graduate School at Koç University to transfer those courses.

Opportunities for candidates with IB, French Baccaleurate, Matura and Abitur diplomas on webpage (only in Turkish for the moment):

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Koç University exam regulations are given on webpage:…

Graduation Requirements

Students need to have a GPA at or above 2.00/4.00 and need to have completed all courses on their curriculum with a passing letter grade in order to graduate.

Occupational Profiles and Access to Further Studies

History majors can seek careers in a variety of areas such as government, business, the cultural sector, publishing, broadcasting, and journalism or continue their studies at the graduate level to become scholars.

Career Development Center, supports all Koç University students and graduates in career Development and Planning, in preparing graduate education plans, and in professional life decisions. For more information about the Career Development Center, please visit


History Curriculum

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

PO1: To demonstrate a broad and deep knowledge of world history, particularly about Ottoman, Turkish, Middle Eastern, European and Asian history.

PO2: To manifest theories, methods, and cause and effect relationships used in history and locate subjects in time and place while remaining sensitive to the contingencies of context and change over time.

PO3: To critically read, analyse, and synthesize a variety of sources (primary, secondary, written, oral, texts and images and built environment) to formulate an interpretation of the past.

PO4: To write and speak clearly for different audiences with an appreciation of diverse viewpoints.

PO5: To design and conduct research in history using appropriate theories and methods in data collection.

PO6: To recall the fact that people of different races, ethnicities, gender and social classes have played varied and important roles in shaping history.

PO7: To survey contemporary events from a broader and critical historical perspective.

PO8: To appraise the ethical dimension of historical inquiry including responsible research and a presentation of the results thereof consistent with the evidence.

Course Relationships with PLOs

Program Outcomes
Course offerings PO # 1 PO # 2 PO # 3 PO # 4 PO # 5 PO # 6 PO # 7 PO # 8
HIST100 x x x x x
HIST103 x x x x x
HIST203 x x x x x
HIST204 x x x x x
HIST205 x x x x x
HIST206 x x x x x
HIST214 x x x x x
HIST217 x x x x
HIST219 x x x x x
HIST300 x x x x x
HIST309 x x x x
HIST311 x x x x x
HIST316 x x x x x
HIST317 x x x x x
HIST337 x x x x x x
HIST 350 (Mov) x x x x x x
HIST350 (Med.) x x x x x
HIST350 (Rock) x x x x x x
HIST 390 x x x x x x
HIST402 x x x x
HIST404 x x x
HIST406 x x x x x x
HIST409 x x x x x x
HIST410 x x x x x x
HIST411 x x x x x
HIST433 x x x x x x
HIST440 x x x x x x
HIST460 x x x x x
HIST 490 x x x x x x x