Profile of The Programme

The overall educational goal of the Department of Media and Visual Arts is to provide students with theoretical foundation, technical and managerial skills, and understanding of the historical, cultural and sociological contexts in which different forms of media and visual arts have emerged. It aims to encourage students to engage in practice, research and analysis of a wide array of existing media and visual arts, and promotes both the exploration and creation of new media and visual arts through active hands-on training.

With an interdisciplinary approach, MAVA aims to provide students with a diverse range of theories and practical skills to both understand and create the media, design and visual arts of the future. In this respect, one of the major stakeholders of the MAVA program is what can be classified as “creative industries”. The creative industry particularly needs professionals who are well versed in state of the art in communication and media technologies and their innovative skills to be able to think across different media platforms, who are cognizant of consumption trends and who can develop new methods to be responsive to expectations and the needs of the individuals and society, not only in Türkiye but all over the world.

Qualification Awarded

Bachelor of Arts in Media and Visual Arts

Admission Requirements

Candidates can apply via ÖSYM, as an international student, as a transfer student or as a tuition-paying exchange student. Admission requirements for all types of prospective students can be found at the Registrar’s Directorate webpage:

The requirements for incoming exchange students can be found at

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Students who took the equivalents of certain courses offered in Koç University in other institutions can apply to the respective College or Graduate School at Koç University to transfer those courses.

Opportunities for candidates with IB, French Baccaleurate, Matura and Abitur diplomas on webpage (only in Turkish for the moment):

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Koç University exam regulations are given on webpage:…

Graduation Requirements

Students need to have a GPA at or above 2.00/4.00 and need to have completed all courses on their curriculum with a passing letter grade in order to graduate.

Occupational Profiles and Access to Further Studies

Placement of graduates starts with optional internships for MAVA students during their undergraduate years. In the final year of their study, students apply for jobs or graduate schools with the support of Koç University Career Development Center.

MAVA graduates were placed in jobs related to media, culture and arts with a focus on media production, art management and advertisement (e.g., MOST Production, Ping Advertisement Agency, TNWA / Istanbul Advertisement Agency).

Career Development Center, supports all Koç University students and graduates in career Development and Planning, in preparing graduate education plans, and in professional life decisions. For more information about the Career Development Center, please visit


Media and Visual Arts Curriculum

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and critically engage with contemporary issues in media and visual arts.
  2. Apply knowledge of media, design and visual arts in their work
  3. Understand and analyze marketing communication in media, design and visual arts.
  4. Utilize creative and critical thinking in media, design and visual arts.
  5. Have applied skills to make production for one or more media formats.
  6. Comprehend visual language and its use in different disciplines.
  7. Comprehend the role of communication and information technologies.
  8. Plan and carry on a research project in the field of media, design and visual arts.
  9. Work in collaborative and multidisciplinary projects.
  10. Recognize the impact of media and visual arts on society in connection to ethical responsibility

Course Relationships with PLOs

Program Outcomes

Required Courses











MAVA. 102 – Introduction to Media and Communications

MAVA. 104 – Basic Design

MAVA. 201 – Marketing and Communication

MAVA. 206 – Writing for Media

MAVA.221  Media Industries and Culture Production

MAVA. 307 – Media Research Methods

PSYC. 335 – Consumer Behavior

MAVA. 406 – Sociology of Communication and Information

MAVA. 444 – Media and Visual Arts Project

MAVA.446 – Graduation Project