Profile of The Programme

The department’s mission is to help students acquire the necessary competencies for a critical analysis of human society and social life. Consistent with the University’s liberal educational philosophy, students will also develop valuable conceptual and analytic skills that they can use in many different settings upon graduation.

The goal of the program is to provide a solid foundation in the substantive scope, key concepts, theoretical perspectives, and research methods used in Sociology. The core training is complemented by elective courses that take advantage of specific areas of faculty expertise, including globalization, population dynamics, the political economy of media and communication, educational sociology, cultural sociology, race/ethnicity, urban poverty and social exclusion, disabilities studies, the sociology of development, social movements and the sociology of migration and refugees.


Qualification Awarded

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


Admission Requirements

Candidates can apply via ÖSYM, as an international student, as a transfer student or as a tuition-paying exchange student. Admission requirements for all types of prospective students can be found at the Registrar’s Directorate webpage:

The requirements for incoming exchange students can be found at


Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Students who took the equivalents of certain courses offered in Koç University in other institutions can apply to the respective College or Graduate School at Koç University to transfer those courses.

Opportunities for candidates with IB, French Baccaleurate, Matura and Abitur diplomas on webpage (only in Turkish for the moment):


Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Koç University exam regulations are given on webpage:…


Graduation Requirements

Students need to have a GPA at or above 2.00/4.00 and need to have completed all courses on their curriculum with a passing letter grade in order to graduate.


Occupational Profiles and Access to Further Studies

Graduates of this program may choose towork in local and global companies’ management and researc teams and also in non-profit organizations. Some of our graduates choose to continue with their Master’s or PhD degrees in prestigious universities worldwide.

Career Development Center, supports all Koç University students and graduates in career Development and Planning, in preparing graduate education plans, and in professional life decisions. For more information about the Career Development Center, please visit



Sociology Curriculum


Program Outcomes

PO1: Carry sociological knowledge outside and beyond the classroom to use sociological imagination to link their own and other individuals’ personal issues to broader societal forces and categories.

PO2: Identify and apply major sociological theories and research methods

PO3: Develop scientifically informed positions about contemporary debates and construct positions consistent with the tenets of sociological thinking, such as the value of curiosity, analysis, and independent thinking, embracing of differences, awareness of inequalities, and an orientation toward social justice.

PO4: Work collaboratively, acquire and foster excellent oral and writing skills to communicate sociological viewpoints to broader audiences.